- Ryan McMillan-

"agriculture meets home design"

- Building a Better Farm -

The Business of Agriculture

As much as we would often like to wake up after 10am, and casually enjoy a cup of coffee and English muffin with a spread of butter and honey, our livelihoods are what allow us to live in the beautiful sprawls of acres we call home.

Learn from the best on what it takes to run a successful business. After all, every farm owner is an entrepreneur just like someone running a start up catering service, software company, or handyman service. To be successful you need to be organized, carefully document your profits and losses, work hard, and have a team of family members or employees behind you.

Exterior Finishes

The word farm brings up a myriad of different emotions to people across the country. Ask one person and to them it will only recall images of lonely looking silos they drive past on a camping trip away from the city. To the rest of us, it will illuminate images of a home, family dinners, spring afternoons in the garden, a deadline oriented business, calloused hands, and so much more.

Farms are surrounded by so much natural beauty. The key to a picture worthy home is making your farmhouse look like a natural extension of the environment it rests in. Here you will find ideas for adorning your house with stylish entry doors, decorations, furniture and more to make your home beautiful and functional in a rural landscape.